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To the extent that fees are listed for escort services, you acknowledge that such fees are for companionship only. It is a series of never-ending dilemmas, blasphemy allegations, and accusations. Society may be grappling with it, however the government has undergone phases of extreme condemnation on several occasions.

With this in mind, I decided to interview a few gay men regarding the misconceptions, their religious beliefs, experiences, the future, and their relationships, to understand what it is like to be gay in a country like Egypt. It's not just that we want to have sex; in fact, we get attracted emotionally to our same sex more than physically.

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When my mother found out, she was very broken of course. It also came at a very tragic time; I had just broken up with my first boyfriend. Everything in my life seemed dimmed and sad, and the fact that I could not possibly have a stable emotional life because of my sexuality was torturing me. I tried to commit suicide that day and that's when she saw the blood on my wrist. So, my coming out to her was very tragic. She couldn't help but cry and feel very broken and this was when we both decided that I should go to therapy.

I spent almost two years in therapy.

I sat with my mother and I told her that nothing had changed in me, and that I was not willing to carry on in therapy anymore. I told her that as long as I'm not married to a girl, know that I am still me. We never spoke of the matter anymore.

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She's also quite religious; she keeps saying that she trusts that God will interfere with a miracle and I will be better then. I wouldn't have tried to commit suicide if religion wasn't in the picture. Let's admit it, the thing about feeling guilty because I'm gay derives chiefly from religion. I was religious back then and the idea of me not being able to please God was high on the list of things that made me think of killing myself.

Was it confusing? Well, back then it wasn't. I wholeheartedly believed that God hated homosexuality and that what I am is basically a big fat sin; I'm a sinner and I need to be in a perpetual state of repentance is how I thought. Later on, I started reading more about the subject in religious books. That's when I began to feel a bit confused; if I am born this way, why would God punish me for something that I didn't choose? After a long period of confusion, I came to the conclusion that God is merciful and just and because he's just he will not punish me for what I did not choose.

I knew when I was My mother denied it at first, thinking it's just a phase, then later on she accepted it under certain conditions — no sex basically. I thought of religion as a factor; it was confusing thinking that God hates me for who I am, and then I read that in all religions God is okay with gay people as long as they do not act upon it.

There are so many gays that pray everyday, but do whatever they want regarding sexual acts. Do I think of gay marriage? If you're asking regarding marrying a girl, then also no.

I would NEVER do that to girl like most married gay guys do — they lie to their wives and tell them they're straight. There are several misconception towards us. The most important one would be that I'm surprised about the amount of people that think being gay is a choice; take a step back and think about what they're saying. Why would I choose to be gay? Especially in Egypt where there's a lot of hostility towards us.

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