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JJ Knight Overthinks It. Netflix Is Our Greatest Ally. Prove Me Wrong. So That Explains It. Jail Baited. Jock Talk: Aged Meat is Delicious. But you never learn everything.

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What do you think? Sign me up! This man is my perfect match! Sword Says. You might also like. Ty Mitchell is winning awards and becoming one of the best bottoms on the blue screen. Tyler Reed was born a bear cub and became a muscle daddy without much in between. The rights we currently enjoy were fought for by people who engaged in prostitution. I should tell you that I happen to know people who fought for gay rights back in the day.

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RyRo should pull out that 9 foot pole permanently lodged up his ass. Hell many of the the escorts have now moved to Amsterdam based Rentmen. Who the fuck does Ryan think he is? Sean I feel could beat the shit out of him. So idk why he even apologized.

This story stopped well short of the ranting of Rose. He also posted definitions of defamation and slander. Once again, Ryan acted out with anger on a far more personal level than the tweet was intended. It was humor.

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  • [UPDATED] Ryan Rose Threatens Sean Duran Over Rentboy Parody Video!
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Humor in times of the worst of circumstances is often a relief. My personal thoughts are that Sean only wanted to interject humor. Ryan Rose also was angry that this pic of him in the parody was shortly after a car wreck and apparently he did not care for the way he was depicted. I will leave that info for you to make what you will of it. Rose is more angry about how he looked in the clip than the nature or the tweet itself. Sounds like RyRo is shivering in fear about this.

Give me a fucking break. There is no way RR wrote that text above. You have plenty of other options. If you are fighting for a right to be treated differently from everyone else then sorry charlie. These guys were using the company as a pimping company. Who knows what went on behind the office doors but the owners. They used the internet to sell their prostitutes in foreign countries which is going to ring bells with the law. They were brought in. Obviously because someone thought something that jeopardize our security was happening and needed to be investigated.

The people in Chattanooga were attacked by, yes, a terrorist,,,,,,BUT he acted alone. Tell me how Homeland Security is supposed to stop someone who does not use a phone, computer or anything to talk about his plan? They could look at it positively and take a cue from Heidi Fleiss. They might get more famous…. I like it. When you do something illegal and flaunt it your going to get caught.

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Do what you want but I think if you get too relaxed at a job that is illegal Whether you think it should be or not you should not be surprised when the justice hammer falls. Lisa Lampanelli made her career out of her mean-spirited and often racial humor. Why So Serious? Fucking funny! Gay people are not now nor have we ever been the dominant culture in the US and it is a false equivalency to act as though we are in the same boat as straight folks, on equal footing or are equally impacted by the law when it comes to violations of laws having to do with intimate relations between consenting adults.

Mixed Race Marriages, Sodomy, Being Openly Homosexual, anything that violated JIm Crow, Women owning property traveling alone, wearing trousers , anyone dressing as the opposite sex with the intent to pass, etc et al have all been Against The Law and were all just as ridiculous. Smoking pot in most states is STILL illegal as is being drunk in a public even if that public place is your front stoop in NYC , having consensual sex in a a parked vehicle or a public bathroom. There are MANY things that are against the law that non criminal minded folks do every day with no harm done to anyone else.

Worse, it is LEGAL to evict gay people, fire gay people and refuse to serve gay people in many place in the country. Do I want to live in a lawless land? Do I believe any civil society is benefited by every citizen always abiding by every law? Absolutely not. In fact, it is more germane because the statement is a recognition of one of the foundational elements of American civil society — the fundamental rule of law.

If the American public finds the prohibition to be objectionable then they can push for its change through suit, the democratic process, etc. I would wager that what we really have here is not bad law per se, but individuals in a clash or moral beliefs. Your moral perspective on the matter shared by a noticeable plurality is that what two consenting adults agree to do together is their business, while the counter of that is the objection to placing a value on the human body because of what that portends for society.

There is merit to both arguments, unlike the moral arguments made in favor of the anti-miscegenation and coverture laws you reference, as the reason for their existence was to further the aims of white supremacist, patriarchy; an immorality in and of itself. Furthermore, the reference to those laws seems a bit dubious in this context because the laws prohibiting prostitution represent a restriction on a commercial enterprise, not a denial of a fundamental civil right.

If the government were arresting the creator-owners of Tender the outrage would seem more apropos because we have rightly recognized human intimacy as a fundamental human need, sex on demand, for pay, is not. He definitely has model-quality good looks! I think he mentioned on twitter that he is mixed with some Native American, so that would explain why so many people, including me, believed he might have been bi-racial.

I can get past those ridiculous tattoos so long as he always delivers a great performance: He is equally good at topping and bottoming and I like him both hairy and smooth. Ruff Ruff! These Two Their Enjoy Scruff! Of Course They Were. Check in to Room JJ Knight Overthinks It. Netflix Is Our Greatest Ally. Prove Me Wrong. So That Explains It. Jail Baited.

Jock Talk: Aged Meat is Delicious. What do you think? Nevertheless, I would do him and marry him if I had the opportunity! Face tattoos are the worst of all bad ideas, the stupidest of stupid decisions. Sword Says.

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